My name is Rhonda and I am a Christian woman in my 50’s who has been on an amazing journey of healing. I spent many months being molested as a small child and eventually raped and left in a cornfield. I lived my life in silence and no one knew my pain, in fact so few understand my pain even now. Do you?

I am writing this blog for those of you that have pain that others just don’t understand. If you feel alone in your pain, if you are misunderstood because you are unable to make the choices that others find so easy, if  you are still keeping the secret or if you just know someone who has been abused then I pray that these words will bring you a measure of hope and healing.

And I am writing this for me. I am writing this to a give a voice to the small child whose voice was taken one day at a time. I intend to share with you excerpts from my journals that were written during my many years of on going therapy and I will also just share what I am thinking and feeling in the present time.

It is not my intent to write a graphic account of my abuse. I will give you enough information that you will understand some of the circumstances of my journey, but I don’t need you to know every detail of that pain. I will also give you a warning early in the blog if there will be any somewhat graphic information shared. I have no intention to be a part of your pain so please don’t read anything that you are not ready to handle.

I want you to know that I understand your pain, not because I have lived your same story but because I understand what it means to live within pain and sorrow. I pray that you will be blessed by these writings and that you will find hope for your own healing.

God Bless.